dangerous N sweet..

It’s difficult to see from the surface.
But everything goes in and it stings,
Like a spider.
Hits you deep inside and

I know that you are just like me, oversensitive.
Well i ordinarily breathe.
Taking everything for much more than it means.
Well it’s dangerous, and it’s sweet.
Cut us and we bleed.

All these words that we speak casually.
Well maybe im just weak, but it hurts me.
Everything you said x3
Well it cuts, like a knife
It hurts me deep inside and

I should put on my armor the next time i see you
So i won’t be harmed. i know i can shoot my own arrows.
Im sorry i hurt you.
I know that like me you can be oversensitive.

ada pakcik majuk..so saye tujukan lagu nih..mari same2 kita nyayi..dari lenka..huhuhuhu..akit pwot mode..wekk


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